DIY – Replacing Waja Reverse Switch


What is Waja Reverse Switch?

My 9 years old Proton Waja show this new problem since last month, When reversing the cars backward. Noticed my Waja do not alert me any reverse sensor sound and the most dangerous is the reverse light also not functioning. Therefore I go through the Cars Forum such as ★★★ LYN PROTON WAJA Club – V14 ★★★, Tomorrow never die to gain any information/question that relate to my problem.

Honestly I do not want to go direct to foremen/mechanics because I don’t believe 100% at any of their word. I faced cars problem previously and many of them give the solution that need me to change the part that sometimes still in good condition and worse of all my cars problem still not solve.

Beginning with that bad experience, I further research all the solution through internet and try to buy the spare part by myself. Even try to DIY (Do It Yourself) as to solve the problem.

First of all, I will Google the word such as “WAJA Reverse Sensor + Reverse light not Functioning” and the result will soon lead my question to the Lowyat Forum. many “sifus” from this forum will give solution free of charge.

Proton Waja reverse switch

Proton Waja reverse switch

Proton Waja reverse switch

So last Saturday, I bought the Reverse Switch at RM25.00 and get foremen to replace and install the new one.I do snap a photo for our friend to DIY this reverse switch in future. It just located under the air filter, under the air intake. Need to open those part first before use a big spanner to unscrew the old reverse switch.

Waja reverse switch

Syukur Alhamdulillah, everything back to normal.


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