How to SELF CHECK IN AirAsia Boarding Pass


Many people asking me how to Self Check In AirAsia Boarding Pass. Ok for your reference kindly use below step by step to avoid any extra charges by AirAsia. FYI AirAsia is good in making additional extra payment during Check In.

This is the step I do to avoid any charges from them (AA).

How to check in

First Select Urus Tempahan Saya / Manage My Booking. You must first register with AirAsia to use this facilities. it is free to register with them and you can also receive latest AirAsia ticket promotion when registered.

How to check in2

Second log in using email and password registered

How to check in3

In your Manage My Booking List, Click “LIHAT” or View to check in the flight that you plan to travel

How to check in4

Now Click on the Button Teruskan ke Daftar Masuk Web Sekarang or Continue to Web Check In

How to check in5

1. Select if you want to print return boarding pass. I will select this because my return journey will continue on the next 2 days

2. Select the passenger. Because this booking only have my name, so I am the only person to be select.

3. Click the Continue Button to proceed to the next page

How to check in6 

1. I already bought the 20kg Baggage, therefore it will display the Add On

2. Same to this, I bought the Sport equipment to ensure my bicycle also fly with me back to Penang

3. If you plan to buy Travel Insurance, the charges will be Rm18 and you must proceed to step 4.

4. Check this box if you sure to buy the Travel Insurance.

5. I will proceed to this step and ignore step 3 and 4

How to check in7

Whenever I click at CANCEL AIRASIA INSURANCE the pop up window will display with a friendly note. I am sure to CANCEL AIRASIA INSURANCE because they will cost me extra money. So again I will push the CANCEL BUTTON.

How to check in8

This page need you to confirm on your AirAsia Insurance. As plan before, I will not buy any of this Insurance and tick the No Thank You Box then push the button CONTINUE.

How to check in9

So I will again push button CONTINUE

How to check in10

Tick the box “I confirm bla bla bla…….”, Then click button CONTINUE.

How to check in11

Lastly, the Print Page will come out. Select the printer and print the Boarding Pass. bring it to the Airport and show it to the Police or AA ground Staff to enter the Boarding Gate.


How to check in12

Then this page will show up and asking you for any NEW CHEK IN


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