GST Paid by Treatspoint


All credit card owner will be charge with GST (Goverment Service Tax) at RM50.00 per card per annum. If you own more than one credit card either VISA, Master or AMEX, you will be charge by Government of Malaysia for each card registered. But with Maybankard 2 Card, you will be given 2 card and the GST will be charge in only one card.

FYI, I own Maybankard 2 Mastercard Gold & Maybankard 2 AMEX. Both card will be charge with GST but when you look at the account details, the AMEX card GST already paid by bank and the other card (Mastercard) need to be settle by the card owner.

I used my 10,000 treatspoints to paid for the GST. To do this I just called Maybank Service Card Centre and after verification by Maybank Customer Service. I request them to deduct my treatspoint. In just 12 month, I collected more than 60,000 treatspoint through AMEX. 

So if you one of the card holder why not try to use your treatpoints for this facilities 

GST paid by reward point

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